First Nations Culture Programs at FRES

Currently, over 50% of the school’s student population is of Aboriginal Ancestry and are members of various First Nations in the area; the Kwakiutl being the most prominent. All students in the school participate in the Kwak̓wala Cultural Program run by Tamara Keiver. All students have the opportunity to learn some Kwak̓wala Language and also about the history and traditions of the Kwakwaka’wakw peoples (people who speak Kwak̓wala). The program is a highlight for many students who excel in studying traditional art forms, singing, dancing, blanket making and Kwak̓wala language. Each class receives between 60 – 90 minutes of instructional time each week in the cultural program and a large celebration is held each year to acknowledge the awareness and understanding demonstrated by our students in the cultural program.

Interested in Learning Kwak̓wala?

Check out the First Voices Kwak̓wala iPhone App, the First Voices Kwak̓wala Community Portal or NIC Intro to Kwak̓wala Course.