In an attempt to protect the digital futures of our children and staff, Fort Rupert Elementary will no longer be using any images of our children in newsletters.

More information is collected and shared about us as we go about our daily lives than ever before. It’s in the screens we watch, the websites and apps we use and the latest must-have toys and gadgets. And it’s not just about technology – information is captured by public services too. Our data footprints are getting bigger and bigger.

This is true for all of us. But the difference for children today is that their data footprints begin from the very moment when their parents proudly upload that first baby photo to social media. On average, by the age of 13, parents have posted 1300 photos and videos of their child to social media. The amount of information explodes when children themselves start engaging on these platforms: on average children post to social media 26 times per day – a total of nearly 70,000 posts by age 18.

Children’s Commissioner UK 2018 Report